Self Branding - Mark Capapas
Portrait of me at Pogi Studios, Summer 2019
            To anyone that knows who I am, they would start probably start off listing my communication skills as my greatest strengths. Whether it be business, work, friends, and even new people, I am very adaptable in the way I choose my words and how I craft and maintain my relationships. I am always confident if I were to walk into a room full of stranger, I could at least make a couple of new friends. I think this strength stems from an interesting place, a place of miscommunication. I used to be extremely socially awkward around my early teens, and I think this ability is the byproduct of many failures, which I think is one of my greatest accomplishments. Instead of searching for the right things to say all the time, I feel them come to me through listening and being present, which are the two most important aspects of communication in my opinion.
            Another strength that sits adjacent to my communication skills is my confidence. It may sound narcissistic, but there is a difference in confidence and arrogance. I believe my confidence allows me to have a certain type of gravity. I find that I am normally the one to bring people together and taking leadership roles. I am never afraid to be the one to act, because there have been so many situations in school, work where I have had to play that role. Like my communication skills, my past shows that it was not always like this. Shy, timid, and quiet were words to describe my past iteration. Self-improvement is always something that I have been trying to do, and it even carries on today.
            The last strength that was touched on slightly earlier, is my ability to listen. These two strengths above cannot exist without listening. It has allowed me to really create deep and meaningful relationships with friends. It is the key to understand those people who you co-exist with and establishes trust with them. I don’t really understand friends who only scratch the surface with each other, and I want to be able to know the people I really care and love about inside and out.
These are the core characteristics from my perspective that set me apart from other colleagues and competitors and are the components that make up my “strong suit”.